24 cores in a CPU for the new Intel Xeon Broadwell-EX solutions


The American company announces the new declination of processors for high-end server systems, increasing the number of maximum core considerably thanks to the technology transition to 14 nanometers

Pass 24 as the highest, from the previous 18 cores that can be made available by the next-generation Xeon processor E7 family. We speak of the Xeon E7-8800 v4 and  Xeon E7-4800 v4  models that Intel has officially announced these days, based on the architecture known by the codename of Broadwell-EX code. Continue reading “24 cores in a CPU for the new Intel Xeon Broadwell-EX solutions”

Bose introduces QuietComfort 35 headphones, Quiet Control 30 and SoundSport

Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose renews the offer of noise-canceling headphones presenting two new models: QuietComfort 35 and 30. QuietControl News for sportsmen with new wireless SoundSport and SoundSport Pulse.

Bose has made official the new headphones that are equipped with the efficient technology for noise reduction, which add up to two new wireless models for sportsmen. It is specifically the Bose QuietComfort 35, QuietControl 30, SoundSport (wireless) and SoundSport Pulse (wireless). Continue reading “Bose introduces QuietComfort 35 headphones, Quiet Control 30 and SoundSport”

Xiaomi Mi Band 2, low price and built-in display

Xiamo Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a fitness tracker at a low cost that comes from China. Compared to previous versions it has a screen and added features.

Xiaomi officially unveiled the Mi Band 2, new version of the well-known fitness tracker at low cost that has depopulated in the versions Mi Band and Mi Band 1S Pulse. The Chinese company has sold more than 20 million products, a volume that sees second only to Fitbit. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi Band 2, low price and built-in display”

MSI Aegis, powers to play without worries


The new MSI Aegis is a pre-assembled desktop for those who love to play at the highest level. Despite its compact size it can accommodate very powerful hardware, and there’s also a version suited to virtual reality.

MSI showed at Computex 2016 also the Aegis, a gaming PC ready for use, with an attractive design and powerful hardware. Unusual and aggressive lines that exist not only to meet the view, but also represent a discrete project milestone. Continue reading “MSI Aegis, powers to play without worries”

ASUS ROG G31 Edition 10: PC compact with two GeForce 1080 GTXs inside


Featuring a more than recognizable design, the new ROG G31 Edition 10 amazes mainly for the hardware features: in a 20-liter chassis there are two GeForce 1080 GTXs.

“I’m incredibly proud of the results achieved by ROG in the first 10 years of life,” with this sentence Jonney Shih, President of ASUS, has announced the new line-up of family-oriented gamers formed by new laptops, motherboards, monitors and headphones . Among one of the most exciting products – and perhaps unattainable – is ASUS ROG G31 Edition 10, from a small form factor desktop computer, but with specific hardware to record. Continue reading “ASUS ROG G31 Edition 10: PC compact with two GeForce 1080 GTXs inside”

Wireless car charging, to an international standard

Car Wireless Charging

Society of Automotive Engineers has begun work on the development of an international standard dedicated to the wireless charging for vehicles.

The wireless charging systems for electric cars do not yet have an international standard, but the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) has started work to achieve the goal. The organization that is responsible for developing and defining the engineering standards for the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries has made official the first framework (SAE TIR J2954) for plug-in hybrid vehicles and fully electric. Continue reading “Wireless car charging, to an international standard”