Jaguar Land Rover, losing keys will be impossible

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Starting from the range in 2017, the car brand Jaguar and Land Rover will support Tile Bluetooth technology, a kind of small tag Bluetooth Low Energy that can be matched to any object we believe important: getting in your car if this will not be reported.

Starting from 2017, the range Tile Bluetooth technology will be supported by the cars of Jaguar Land Rover group, bringing the car owner to a new level of convenience.

The Tile Bluetooth are no longer a novelty, they are small squares that contain the Bluetooth Low Energy can be used to “mark” the object tag to be notified if they are not present on our person.

jaguar tile bluetooth

Who will own a car of these brands will never forget something at home before you leave or anywhere else was first to board. The car’s Bluetooth system, called InControl, it will perform a check of all Bluetooth Tile that we will have shown how important and if not will be present will notify us via the on-board computer display.

InControl also will not just tell us what is present and what is not, but we also allow you to view the last known recording, so you can recover what is missing.

The solution is certainly very convenient, especially for the more careless, which are accustomed to abandon portfolios, various keys, umbrellas and anything else without realizing it, but it is not particularly economical.

Each Tile Bluetooth it cost on average between 15 and 30 euro and ensures normally a year of autonomy, after which you will need to buy a new one because the tags are sealed and you can not reload. In any case, losing such a wallet, perhaps with documents, driver’s license and various cards inside it is definitely more expensive, both in terms of cost and fear necessary for all bureaucratic procedures.

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