Top 10 Android Games of the Week (2-8 May)

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The ranking of the best Android games of the first week of May is full of interesting productions. This time independent developers leave ample room for the most famous software house as 2K Games and Rovio has published a new chapter of Angry Birds.

1.Battleborn Tap

battleborn tapThe top 10 of the best Android games of the week opens the door to a month full of interesting publications. In addition to independent developers and small software companies, the Google Play Store, in the first week of May welcomes important products of Rovio, 2K Games and Warner Bros.

Published and developed by 2K Games, Battleborn Mobile Tap is a particular video game dedicated to the homonymous production for consoles and PC.

Rather than a traditional companion app, it’s a real action game, however, also it allows you to unlock content for the main chapter distributed on May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In Battleborn Tap you will have to compose a team of heroes and guide them in intense battles to be fought to the sound of statistics, tap and abilities. The goal is to create a more powerful team thanks to the objects obtained at the end of each battle.

Battleborn Tap is available for free on the Google Play Store.

2.Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action!Angry Birds Action is a new arcade game which belongs to the popular video game series produced by Rovio Entertainment.

With Angry Birds Action developers have opted for a change of course, in fact, in contrast to numerous spin-off distributed in the previous months, this chapter is a classic arcade game similar to the original game. In this production the pinball meets Angry Birds. In practice, the view disappears on the side to make room for the panoramic view. However, the core of the game remains the same: to aim and throw the bird into obstacles to get the best score possible.

The title is proposed in the free-to-play version, so it is available for free on the Google Play Store.

3.The LEGO Movie Video Game

The_Lego_Movie_Videogame_coverThe LEGO Movie Video Game is an action video game developed by Warner Bros.

Inspired by the famous movie, The LEGO Movie Video Game includes as many as 45 missions and more than 90 characters taken directly from the film (Batman, Gandalf, Superman, etc.). In addition to the characters, the game incorporates many of the typical scenery of the film. In Emmet shoes, the protagonist of the film stock, the player will face numerous missions to recruit new characters who will help him to defeat an evil being who tries to dominate the world.

The Lego Movie Video Game is available on the Google Play Store at a price of 5.53 euro.

4.Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark WorldDeveloped by Ubisoft Entertainment, Hungry Shark World is a video game arcade. It is the direct sequel of Hungry Shark Evolution.

In this funny production of Ubisoft, players assume the role of a shark that will visit three different regions to terrorize and eat as many people as possible. To increase the longevity of the title, the developers have included as many as 17 sharks, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. Also, just like in a role-playing game, you can improve the physical statistics of all seventeen available sharks.

Hungry Shark World is available for free on the Google Play Store and requires optional in-app purchases.


BouldersBoulders is a unique arcade game developed by Progmatic who decided to distribute it totally free format.

Boulders in, the player will assume the role of Fred: a man who launches into an underground expedition in search of materials and hidden treasures. In this particular title, the player will not fight, in fact, the goal of each level (which is randomly generated) is to collect all gems and break through to the exit.

Boulders is offered for free, it is also completely free from in-app purchases.

6.Bondo – Domino & Number Merger

bondo-domino-number-merger-40628c-h900Developed by MIVA Games, Bondo – Domino Number & Merger is a special puzzle game inspired by the domino.

The title enjoys clean and functional interface beyond that of extremely simple game mechanics. Starting from a 6 by 6 grid, you have to place pairs of random numbers looking to form combinations of elements equal. Besides the possibility to choose the location of the “Num Lock”, you can also rotate the block in any direction.

Bondo is available for free on the Google Play Store. The ads included in the title can be removed with 2,500 coins, equivalent to 1.99 euro.

7.Rocket Beast

Rocket BeastRocket Beast is an arcade game developed by Brutal Studio.

This mobile title stands out from the crowd thanks to its lightweight graphic sector and very colorful. But in addition to good “glance”, Rocket Beast has a simple and extremely fun gameplay: in the role of a Viking holding a special rocket launcher, the player will have to use the controls of the screen to teleguidare missiles on enemies.

Rocket Beast is available for free on the Google Play Store.



Developed by Gangfort, the eponymous video game is an arcade vaguely inspired by Team Fortress 2.

In fact, with Gangfort, the developers have done something very interesting: they revived the mechanics of Team Fortress 2 game in 2D sauce. The result is a funny frantic shooter characterized by retro graphics. Thanks to a competitive online industry, two game modes and as many as 9 different classes, the Gangfort developers promise many hours of fun.

Gangfort is available at 1.99 € and is devoid of any kind of advertising material.

9.Red Comrades Save the Galaxy

Red Comrades Save the GalaxyDeveloped by BUKA Development, Red Comrades Save the Galaxy is the mobile transposition homonymous graphical adventure distributed in 1998 on PC.

Developers have cataloged Save The Galaxy as a “reload edition”. Graphics as the original dubbing remained unchanged, but the whole of the game code has been rewritten to Unity 3D. This allowed the implementation of a new user interface more suited to touch screen devices.

Comrades Red Save the Galaxy is available at 1.63 Euros on the Google Play Store.

10.Dino Bash – Dinos v Cavemen

Dino Bash - Dinos v CavemenDino Bash – Dinos v Cavemen is a particular strategy video game developed by Game Alliance.

Divided through 75 levels and loosely based on Plants vs. Zombies, this game mobile device enjoys very simple game mechanics and a refined technical sector and full of color. Particularly suitable for children, in Dino Bash will have to deploy the powerful dinosaurs to deal with hordes of cavemen who will try to steal the egg chosen.

Dino Bash – Dinos v Cavemen is available for free on the Google Play Store, however, contains a number of in-app purchases also quite expensive (NDR: we advise you to activate the parental control features in case you want us to play a child).

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