Top 10 iOS games of the week (2 – 8 May)

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The ranking of the best iOS games of the first week of May is full of interesting games. But the first step of the podium winning Battleborn Tap: the Mobile spinoff entirely dedicated to the famous production for PC and console.

1.Battleborn Top

battleborn tap

The ranking of the best iOS games of the first week of May is full of independent productions and “goodies” such as unexpected INKS. But, in addition to small developers, there is also 2K Games with the Battleborn the mobile spin-off that allows to obtain content for the main video game for consoles and PC.

Developed by 2K Games, Battleborn Mobile Tap is a spin-off dedicated to the famous videogame franchise distributed a few days ago on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

More than a companion app in the strict sense of the term, it is a real video game that allows you to also unlock rewards for the main title. In Battleborn Tap you must drive in a series of battlefield heroes (taken from the original game) that as they gain battle experience, they will be upgraded with new abilities and equipment.

The mobile game of 2K Games has been proposed for free on the App Store.

2.Orbitarium: Galaxy Recon

OrbitariumOrbitarium: Galaxy Recon is an action game with elements of role-playing games, and is developed by Naked Quasar.

Set in space, the player will have to choose a spaceship and improve it with new defensive equipment and weapons. With minimal interface, all the player’s attention can focus on the elements of the landscape rich in enemies and planets from which to extract resources. The goal is to earn as many points as possible by removing the planets resources.

Orbitarium: Galaxy Recon is available for free on the App Store.

3.Elzup – Free puzzle game

elzupProduced by independent developer Sergii Sokorevych, Elzup is a puzzle game specially designed for touch screen devices.

Characterized by an extremely minimalist, Elzup offers dozens of puzzles to solve. Although the level of difficulty increases gradually, Elzup offers such a simple control system for inclusion in “category of one-finger game”. Just a tap to rotate the element and a swipe on the screen to drag: Extremely easy controls for increasingly complex puzzles.

Elzup is available for free on the App Store.


4.Final Meteor – The JRPG Clicker

Final Meteor - The JRPG ClickerFinal Meteor – The JRPG Clicker is a Japanese role-playing game developed by ClapClap Media .

It is a very special game, in fact, contrary to a common JRPG, even being a “Clicker Game”, in Final Meteor will need to make numerous tap on the screen to shoot down enemies. Even if there are weapons, armor and character statistics to be strengthened, the typical part of RPGs is all here, in fact, the rest is pure action. As for the graphic aspect however, the title of ClapClap Media, remembers in every way a classic retro video game.

Final Meteor – The JRPG Clicker is available for free on the App Store.


HexcellsHexcells is a puzzle game produced by Matthew Brown, an independent developer.

In this particular “ambient puzzle game” with as many as 30 puzzles to solve, the player will have to carefully study the situation to see what will be the tiles to highlight. In addition to orange boxes (those with which it is possible to interact), scattered to the level, there will be some black boxes with a number, that number indicates the number of adjacent squares that should be highlighted in order to proceed to the next level.

Hexcells is available exclusively on iPad 2 or higher. In App Store for 1.99 euro.


HighriserHighriser is an arcade game developed by Dan Allsop.

Set in several levels, in highriser, the player will have to climb the increasing height structures. The feature of this title is that it uses ragdoll physics, this means that the actions do not always go according to plan. In addition to having to pay attention to the precision of the jumps, the player will also look after the oxygen level that will become increasingly difficult to manage as they increase the altitude.

Highriser is available for free on the App Store.


INKS.INKS. It is an arcade game developed by State of Play Games: the City Lumino creators.

INKS. It is a pinball-game to say the least original. This is not the typical soulless video game, in fact, in this production, the developers have tried to put a little ‘of art and creativity. The action takes place on a blank canvas and a pinball structure just mentioned, but hitting the colored objects on the scenario, the ball will dip of color and begin to paint the canvas. As in a classic arcade game, even INKS the main objective is to get the highest score, but, differing from the crowd, this unique production manages to cleverly mix art and entertainment.

INKS. It is available on the App Store for 1.99 €.


iotlsIOTL is a particular arcade video game developed by Mount Watermelon.

IOTL tries to mix the characteristics of a typical role playing to those of a puzzle-game match 3. The main character will have to venture in heavy duty situations where the goal is of course to survive. A bit ‘as in I Must Build a Boat, to attack and defend himself, the player must create combinations of elements that once completed will start the special animation of the main character.

The title does not seem to be particularly finished from a technical point of view, however, being proposed for free, it might merit a test.

9.Never Gone

never goneDeveloped by Game Hippie, Never Gone is a particular arcade game inspired by the classic beat-em up 2D.

Never Gone features two main characters to choose from, one female and one male. But, regardless of your selection, the game mechanics remain the same: you will face numerous dungeons where you have to eliminate dozens of different opponents. In addition, at the end of each battle, you can create and improve their weapons, equipment and various objects.

The game is characterized by its technical quality over the top and it is proposed for 2.99 € on the App Store.

10.Olympus Rising

olympus risingDeveloped by Flaregames, Olympus Rising is yet another strategic MMO mobile device.

Set in a permanent universe (similar to Clash of Clans), Olympus Rising is a particularly strategic in which the player will have to build an empire, recruit numerous mythological heroes, and lead them into battle for the conquest of new lands. Except for the issues addressed and a few other details, Olympus Rising does not seem to be a particularly original title.

Like all Mobile MMO, even Olympus Rising is available for free on the App Store and includes optional in-app purchases.

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