Game of Thrones Spoiler on Youtube

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A public Youtube user have details on episodes not yet out of the famous series and HBO responds by removing the video. A case that raises new doubts on the balance of the laws protecting the copyright, which often become instruments to limit freedom of expression.

A Spanish YouTube channel publish a Game of Thrones spoiler and the HBO producer has declared war. The channel is Frikidoctor (more or less “Dr. nerd”), whose owner has published what – according to her – were “predictions” about what would happen on the episodes of the sixth season. The videos have come out two days before the airing.

Forecasts which then turned out to be very precise, and we would wonder where Frikidoctor took the information – considering that the sixth series has no equivalent on the books. Someone on HBO will be asked the same question, but have also called for the removal of videos for copyright infringement.


They fear, probably, that these spoilers will lead to a reduction of the public. In short, that fewer people decide to watch the series on TV because “I know what happens.” To be proved, of course, but HBO does not want to take the risk.

Now Frikidoctor it says “concerned”, because he fears that will no longer have access to information. HBO will it definitely opened an internal investigation to identify the mole that informs this youtuber, and the “blown” flow may even stop.

It should be underlined that this is not an actual copyright infringement, at least in appearance – also emerges from a thread on Reddit. But HBO has tapped the Youtube mechanism to achieve his goal: in these cases, Google, under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) before locks the video and then carry out any checks. In the video it was only the author telling what he knows, without a single image taken from the popular series.

It is a curious affair, which unites the largest among the cultural phenomena of mass and concepts that refer to individual freedom and power that a large company like HBO may exercise the freedom of an individual – in this case the ability to lock a tool of expression with a couple of clicks.


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