Magnesium batteries, Toyota a fundamental discovery

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Toyota has managed to create an electrolyte that gets along with magnesium. This way you can create batteries that offer very high autonomy as much on cars on smartphones.

Toyota, more precisely its research center (TRINA), believes that the use of magnesium will create smaller batteries, denser and longer lasting, usable both in electric cars as in smartphones.

So far the development of these batteries has been slowed by the absence of an electrolyte which will be adapted well with magnesium. This is more stable than lithium, and is able to contain a lot more energy. A real pity, therefore, but Rana Mohtadi, scientist at Toyota, seems to have found a solution to solve the long standing problem.


The researcher was engaged on fuel cell technology, in particular of materials capable of storing hydrogen. After talking with some colleagues of the problems in achieving an electrolyte compatible with magnesium, Mohtadi has realized that his work could be of enormous help.

After a first test his theory is proved correct. Mohtadi has now found a promising electrolyte to create a battery to which magnesium is from 8 to 12 times more dense than Lithium, but also up to 5 times more efficient in the charge-discharge.

Unfortunately, despite the conditions, it takes about 20 years of research and development to see batteries with magnesium on the consumer market.

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