Mass Effect Andromeda ,released officially in 2017

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Mass Effect Andromeda is officially postponed to 2017. To confirm it is a post on the game’s official blog.

When Mass Effect Andromeda was presented at E3 2015, the release date hinted at a new chapter already by 2016. But one can delay was in the air since March this year, when, following a meeting with investors, the news emerged that the project would come on the market in the fourth fiscal quarter, that is, between January and March 2017.

BioWare has now officially announced the unfortunate news of the postponement to 2017 of Mass Effect Andromeda through an official statement on the website of the game. As reported by Aaryn Flynn, general manager of BioWare, the team is working hard to see how far you can push the franchise. A commitment that will take longer than expected.

“We are putting together the best aspects of what we love the Mass Effect – the incredible stories, characters and fun combat system from third-person shooter – and moving around in our journey to Andromeda. But we are also excited to introduce new characteristics and ways to enjoy a game like Mass Effect, “said Flynn.

Of these new three points we were highlighted that we should expect in the final game: unprecedented freedom to the saga, with the ability to move, explore and interact with fewer constraints; new uncharted worlds, with setting the same galaxy of Andromeda that lends its name to the game; a great experience, the first for next-generation consoles and built pushing as much as possible the technology of Frostbite engine.


Until the first months of 2017 we will return to the game and find out if the promises are kept. Meanwhile, the next event is scheduled to June 12, 2016 on the occasion of the EA Play press conference that should show some more substantial element. What do our readers think? Are you disappointed or confident?


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