Google wants to pay you $20/hour to ‘drive’ its self-driving cars

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Google Car offers a 12-24 month contract to those who want to drive a Google Car 6 to 8 hours a day. You will be payed $ 20 per hour. Do you like it?

Would you like to drive a car in autonomous driving? If they so much talk that the raging curiosity and those who have the good fortune to climb maybe you feel with one foot in the future … And your hands away from the steering wheel. Many testers have this fortune, some ordinary citizens will have it soon.

Google has posted a job listing for candidates “interested in participating in the car project in Google autonomous driving.” The requirements are a high school diploma or degree, excellent verbal and written communication skills, no criminal record and license untouched.


Brian Torcellini, head of the testing program of the Google self-driving car, explained that “the test vehicle drivers play an important role in the development of our technology. They provide feedback to the technicians on how to behave our cars and take control of your vehicle in case of need “. Describing the ideal candidate, he says that “in general should be an excellent driver, who gives a lot of attention to the road.”

What Google is offering is a contract of 12-24 months, during which we must drive for 6-8 hours a day the car autonomous driving and report on performance and any problems to the engineers involved in the development. The work will take place either individually or in small groups of 2-10 people, so it required an aptitude for teamwork and the ability to monitor software systems with constant attention, providing oral and written feedback to the engineers compiling daily reports and all enclosed documentation. The pay will be $ 20 per hour.

The tests will be held in the Phoenix, Arizona, where candidates must reside.

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