iPhone 7 design appears in the first render

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“Reliable sources” have released renderings of the new iPhone 7 expected in the coming months, based on the technical sketches circulating for some time now.

The images were reported by GSMArena as exclusive, and come from “a reliable source of the cover production”. We know that various accessories manufacturers manage to get ahead of time about the design of products not yet formalized, and we know that many “pierce” the agreements in advance showing the forms of the latter. One of these has created and published a few render that show the design of the new iPhone 7.


The images confirm several rumors arrived of course not in an official capacity in the past weeks. The iPhone will have no next revolution in terms of esthetics and maintain materials and form factor of the current generation. According to the new render we see that the rear camera will have a different design will be a little ‘less prominent, with microphone and flash remain unchanged both in form and position. Even the design of the plastic bands will be different.

As noted by several rumor, the unsightly plastic bands necessary for the antennas will be much less evident, with an overall appearance even more simple and less load as compared to current models. The most dramatic change is still the lack of combo port 3.5mm earphone and microphone, also feature already told on several occasions by various sources. Instead of the door we find another grid, we do not know yet what to hide.


Earphones and external microphones will be connected exclusively via the Lightning port, with older models with traditional 3.5mm jack that you can probably connect only via adapter. To render lacks the dual rear camera, a feature that according to rumors will only fit in the larger model, while the source suggests that there may be variations in the colors of the devices that will be presented in autumn.

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