Toyota Prius is the most efficient hybrid for Consumer Reports

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The 2016 Toyota Prius was the most efficient hybrid car in a test conducted by the prestigious US magazine Consumer Reports, with the ability to travel about 22 km per liter of petrol.

You want to know which is the hybrid car with the best efficiency? It is the Toyota Prius 2016 model  , able to travel about 22 km per liter of petrol in almost all conditions.

Measurements, rather than real in the laboratory, were collected from the prestigious US Consumer Reports magazine, we remember those who did not know the reliability, is a completely independent magazine, which has no shareholders, no funds through advertising and pay all the materials that head.

Toyota Prius

According to Consumer Reports the 2016 Prius is the most efficient hybrid they’ve ever tested, being able to travel 52 miles (83.68 km) per gallon (about 3.8 liters) of gasoline, much better than the previous model, which stopped to 44 miles per gallon.

In fact the title until now was held by the Honda Insight, with 51 MPG, but we must take into account that it is a two-seater, while the Prius is a family sedan 5 seats.

Of course, electric cars are much better and the Audi A3 hybrid can under the right conditions even to touch the 80 MPG (almost 34 km per liter), but the Prius has the advantage of not having long charging issues as early and as mentioned be able to maintain the average of 22 Km / l in most conditions (city, highway and combined).

For Consumer Reports it is the best result, even compared to diesel cars. Better is another Toyota, the Mirai hydrogen, but this is a solution that we will see on the market only next year.

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