MSI Aegis, powers to play without worries

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The new MSI Aegis is a pre-assembled desktop for those who love to play at the highest level. Despite its compact size it can accommodate very powerful hardware, and there’s also a version suited to virtual reality.

MSI showed at Computex 2016 also the Aegis, a gaming PC ready for use, with an attractive design and powerful hardware. Unusual and aggressive lines that exist not only to meet the view, but also represent a discrete project milestone.

The case of the MSI Aegis, in fact, has a separate power supply from the rest of the components and is able to convey the air in a very effective way. Thanks to this feature, the company has managed to insert also very powerful hardware in this compact design without heat problems. In theory at least, we will see if it is true when we can prove it.

The new MSI Aegis will be available in two different versions, the base and the Aegis X. Both offer two M2 slot, two 2.5-inch slot and a 3.5 ” slot , which should suit all storage needs. Changes instead the internal hardware and some external connection.


The basic version has processors up to Core i7 and Nvidia 6700 video card GTX 970. It is therefore a compact gaming PC, while the Aegis X version is designed for virtual reality. The most expensive model offers more hardware power, with CPUs up to Core i7 9700K and Nvidia GTX 1080. There is also a front button to overclock “on the fly” and USB connectors, always frontally, to easily connect a viewer VR as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

Many players prefer to assemble itself on your computer, a bit ‘because you spend less and a bit’ for the freedom to choose and replace parts. MSI attempts to meet this need with the Aegis, which is a pre-assembled PC but also offers good possibilities as regards the parts of the components. It is not hard to open it and replace the motherboard.

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