BMW working hard on autonomous driving car

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The German company decides to focus the division that will deal more convincingly the development of cars with driver assistance technologies

Not many weeks ago BMW had announced to want to come to market with a high-tech car in 2021: code name of project iNExT, which should condense all the latest in modern technology such as digital connectivity, autonomous driving and electric propulsion.

As stated by Klaus Froehlich, a member of the board of the German company, the initiative is accelerating: the company is reorganizing the division in charge of the series “cars i” and is taking on staff with experience and expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning fields, and by working to integrate assistance systems such as automatic parking and lane keeping.

BMW also is considering the possibility of offering a ridesharing service, including in conjunction with an existing reality and in regions such as China. The strategy on any such partnership is still under development.

Vehicles of series “i” BMW – the i8 hybrid and electric i3 – have not been particularly successful with the last market that made only scored 25,000 units sold in 2015. The cost of the car could be a problem, given that the i3 has a cost as low as $ 42,000 that although the render much cheaper than a Telsa Model S, also makes it much more expensive compared to a Nissan Leaf, without that there are particular advantages in terms of journey autonomy.

The BMW news comes the day after the demonstration by Honda of two prototype vehicles to autonomous driving, which promises to put on the road the first cars equipped with this technology in the course of 2020. The Japanese company points out that it has already added some features semiautonomous in some of the Civic and Acura models.

Jim Keller, chief engineer for Honda Research and Development of the American market, he stressed that the company is planning to offer the self-driving on all models of the line instead of just being reserved for luxury vehicles systems.

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