Windows 10 Mobile starts to support electronic payments via NFC (US only)

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Microsoft introduces support electronic payments via NFC by releasing an updated version of Microsoft Wallet for Windows Insider users using build 14360 (and higher). The new feature is currently limited to the US market and used with Lumia 950, 950 and XL 650.

Microsoft announced in recent hours the arrival of version 2.0 of Microsoft Wallet, the app Windows Mobile 10 dedicated to the management of the boarding cards, loyalty cards, event tickets and coupons. The main innovation introduced by the new release covers support to electronic payments through tap to pay using NFC connectivity.

With the devices and Windows 10 Mobile supported software release, you will then have to approach the smartphone to the POS to make payment. An important step forward for Microsoft’s mobile platform, though, at the time, with some restrictions that limit its scope.

Microsoft Wallet

First, the new payment instrument at the time, was activated only in the US market. In addition, the new Windows 10 Mobile  feature can only be used by Windows users Insider using build 14360 and later versions. Last restriction covers all supported devices, including the Lumia 950, 950 and XL 650.

The electronic payment system using NFC connectivity of Windows 10 Mobile smartphone was launched in collaboration with MasterCard and Visa. Microsoft has simultaneously confirmed the possibility to take advantage of the new payment method using credit cards issued by major banks like Bank of America, People’s United Financial, Virginia Credit Union, among others.


Electronic payment via tap to pay with Windows 10 Mobile smartphones can be used in all outlets that expose one of the symbols listed above. The announcement made in recent hours is a significant first step forward made by Microsoft’s mobile operating system to shorten the distance from the mobile platforms competitors that already support these payment methods, we think of Apple Pay and Android Pay .

It will take some time before you make NFC payments via a standard Microsoft Wallet feature accessible from all Windows 10 Mobile users. As mentioned, in fact, the new electronic payment method is only activated with the test release of the operating system and will therefore need a physiological trial period before integration in the stable versions. It is also conceivable that the support to electronic payments via NFC will fall in new the Anniversary Update, the next major update to Windows 10 Mobile  (and Windows 10 desktop) planned for summer.

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