The virtual coach with AI in headphones

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Union between digital assistant with AI, wireless headphones and fitness tracker now comes a new proposal for this sector: Vi, product born from the collaboration between LifeBEAM and Harman Kardon. Using headphones biometric sensors for monitoring parameters such as heartbeat

One of the trends of the coming years? It will certainly be one of the digital assistants equipped with Artificial Intelligence. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sony Xperia Agent: there are many examples of products already on the market or shown as a prototype that is able to retrieve data about our lives and interact with us and providing us with controls voice answers a support to live at most of our days.At least, that’s what they¬†promise to do. Union between digital assistant with IA, wireless headphones and fitness tracker now comes a new proposal for this sector: Vi, product born from the collaboration between LifeBEAM and

Harman Kardon. This is the first consumer product to LifeBEAM, young company based in New York, that from 2011 produces bio-sensors and wearable which counts among his clients names like NASA and the US Air Force, but also the technology brands such as Samsung, Under Armour, 2XU, Elbit Aerospace, Harman.

The same aerospace grade sensors are now integrated in Vi, a product that in the first instance is directed mainly to running enthusiasts, as well as the general fitness. Using headphones biometric sensors are monitoring parameters such as heart rate, but thanks to the rest of the sensor equipment also record the barometric altitude, cadence, speed. The heart gave readability should also provide a reliable measure of heart rate variability at rest, a fact that ultimately is collecting a lot of interest in the sports landscape.

The integrated into the artificial intelligence allows real intempo analysis of the collected data, those of the surrounding environment (also derived from the network) and those of the user history, for what seems to be a trend with regard to ‘physical activity for the next few years, the’ real-time coaching ‘. No longer need to cover the data retrospectively to see if you could push harder during the race or if – for example in relation to climatic conditions – it is no exaggeration to bringing the suffering of the performance index too far.


There was launched as a project in crowdfunding on Kickstarter, reaching its target of one hundred thousand dollars in just half an hour from the opening of the campaign. Promises runners to also help them improve their running dynamic and prevent injuries, with the real-time analysis of the step. The virtual coach then, through a series of phrases suitable for a wide range of workout types, translates into incitements data collection. Everything is included in a product designed to be worn around his neck all day, with sufficient autonomy to get through the day and promises to put within hail a lot of information that today we have to pull out your smartphone from your pocket . Harman Kardon puts the signature with respect to the high-fidelity audio section. On Kickstater it is still possible to finance the project won the second batch of shipments from the figure of $ 199.

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