Dropbox: new productivity tools for the mobile, desktop and web

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Dropbox adds productivity tools available to users who use the popular cloud storage service. News for interaction with Dropbox via desktop applications, mobile and site dropbox.com

Dropbox, the popular cloud storage service used by half a billion users according to the latest statistics provided by management, is enriched with new productivity tools targeted to users who access it through mobile app for Android and iOS, desktop applications for Windows platform and Mac and the dropbox.com website.

The first new feature is the ability to scan documents using the Dropbox mobile app for iOS (not mentioned at the time, the Android version).

Use the scan function of the iPhone's documents to create files in your Dropbox. This feature is also useful for transforming a brainstorming session on the board or important notes in documents that you can share with Dropbox.

Dropbox for Business users will also have the ability to search inside the scans performed. To deepen the operation of the new feature, you can consult the official support page.

Another change worthy of mention is the possibility to create Microsoft Office documents, always using the mobile app for iOS. The user can create files in Word, Excel and Power Point that will be automatically stored in your Dropbox .

Dropbox has also planned some changes to the function for automatic uploading photos via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). It will be required to install the application Dropbox desktop to continue to manage the function.

July 22, 2016, we will change the operation of the camera from boots in Dropbox Basic account. From this date, the Dropbox Basic users will need to have installed the Dropbox desktop application to continue to use the camera boots.

The declared aim of the amendment is to improve the tools to access, organize or remove photos and avoid wasting storage space. In case of doubt on the functioning of the new mechanism to automatically upload the photos from your smartphone and tablet, you should consult the official FAQ.

It is intended for Windows and Mac users further change that lets you share files and folders directly from your desktop without the need to activate the web interface of Dropbox or copy a link in the email. After you install the Dropbox desktop application, simply open the Dropbox folder, click with the right mouse button on the folder you want to share and select “Share.” The system will automatically select the email addresses of contacts with whom you want to share the file. In order to illustrate in detail the new feature, also in this case, Dropbox has activated a specific support page.

Dropbox also offers the ability to add comments to files, the entire file or a specific part of it (such as on a piece of text or an image). The new feature is available for any file or shared link of which displays a preview of dropbox.com and Dropbox app for Android and iOS.

Rounding out the picture of the new, two functions that help ensure data security. The first is an enhanced version history function allows you to preview the previous version of the file, useful function in the process of recovery assessment. The second feature provides more control over sharing options, allowing the sharing of a single file with specific people who will have to log in to display it.In addition, all Dropbox users can now share files by activating the option to view-only access.

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