Unlock HTC One M8 Bootloader

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HTC One M8 is one of the most stable smartphones on the market.Even now in 2017 it is a phone that is worth being used.Unlocking the bootloader lets you experiment with your phone , like loading custom ROMs.I have tried Android 7.1 on my HTC One M8 and i can says that i runs better than the HTC stock ROM itself.


Now in the steps below I will teach you how to unlock the bootloader of the HTC One M8.

Some prerequisites you need before you start :

  • Your HTC One M8 charged at least 80 % of battery.
  • Create a backup of your important data in your HTC  , as the unlocking of the bootloader wipes all the data.
  • Make sure USB Drivers for HTC One M8 are installed on your computer(you can install HTC Sync to do so)

The procedure of unlocking the HTC One M8 bootloader:

First you need to download the Fastboot zip here :

Then extract the contents of the zip to your desktop.Once done, follow the steps below to start the HTC One M8 bootloader unlock procedure:

  • Create an account to the HTCDev website and verify it by email.
  • After that ,log in into your HTCDev account.
  • Click on the Unlock Bootloader > Get Started
  • Your HTC One M8 must be disconnected from your computer.Now you need to enter in the Fastboot Mode.
  • Turn off your HTC One M8.
  • After it is turned off , press and hold simultaneously Volume Down and Power buttons.You will see a white screen with some text and the LOCKED text in the header.
  • Select FASTBOOT by pressing once the power button.
  • Now connect the HTC One M8 to the USB Cable that is connected to your PC.Once connected you will see the FASTBOOT USB on your M8 screen.
  • After you see FASTBOOT USB text ,go to the fastboot folder that you extracted before on your desktop and open the command line by pressing and holdin Shift and right-clicking on an empty space of the fastboot folder and than click open command window here.
  • Once the command line windows is opened enter this command:
fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • Copy (Right Click > Mark > highlight the block of text > Right click to copy. Mac users can use cmd-option to mark and select text ) the output between and including  Identifier Token Start and Identifier Token End something like this :token


  • Go to the HTCDev page here and go to My Device Identifier Token > paste the token that you copied from the CMD and press Submit

Now check the email inbox that you used to create the account on HTCDev, for an email that has an Unlock_code.bin as attachment.Download this file and save it in the fastboot folder that you extracted on desktop.

  • Close the command prompt and reopen it again as before.
  • Enter this command and press Enter:
fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_Code.bin
  • After the command is completed with success,your smartphone will boot and will show the Unlock Bootloader screen.With the Volume up button select Yes and hit the Power button to confirm.
  • Your HTC One M8 will restart and unlock the bootloader.
  • When your device boots up after finishing the process successfully, you can then disconnect it from computer.

To verify that your bootloader is successfully unlocked boot your HTC One M8 one Fastboot Mode and see the text on the header that now should be UNLOCKED.

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