Games exclusively for Oculus? There is a way to make them run on HTC Vive


A group of developers has put online a patch that allows owners of HTC Vive to play with exclusive titles for Oculus Rift. The multi-compatibility is the future of VR viewers?

The history of the consoles is full of exclusives, very interesting titles intended to go out on one specific game platform , a pace of the holders of other systems. Newly blossomed into the world of virtual reality seems to be happening the same thing. Continue reading “Games exclusively for Oculus? There is a way to make them run on HTC Vive”

The WhatsApp update that everyone wants: send Office documents as in email

whatsappWhatsApp to a new twist: all formats supported soon, what is the purpose?

Arriving a resounding update for WhatsApp: after the documents in PDF, you can share with friends, acquaintances, colleagues but especially also the Office files and these naturally mean the Excel spreadsheets, text documents in Word, PowerPoint presentations and databases in Access.

It’s not about rumors without any basis but the turning point was announced just by Jan Koum, founder of the messaging app in an interview with a German website: the evolution is already being planned and now the messaging service will support the ‘ submission of new documents, including those written with Microsoft Office applications. Continue reading “The WhatsApp update that everyone wants: send Office documents as in email”

Facebook, here’s the link that steals all your personal data

The link “Find out who has viewed your profile” is a dangerous hoax. If you click the link, a hacker will steal all your information and may delete you from Facebook

facebook steal

If you think social networks can make you know who looks at your profile, you are mistaken: they are all hoaxes dangerous.

For some time, there is on Facebook a link that should show to users who visit their profile. In fact, by opening this link, we are transmitting many personal data on the network. Shipping police explained that the hoax “Find out who has viewed your profile” is very dangerous above all because some  social network hackers are sponsoring the initiative. Continue reading “Facebook, here’s the link that steals all your personal data”

Whatsapp end-to-end encryption


WhatsApp, building on its billion users and presence on all operating systems, at this time, has put on the table one of the main courses: all messages that pass through the platform are encrypted. Inaccessible, then, to anyone who asks you to read them, or try to do it: it’s bad guys, law enforcement or the employees of the company itself. There is not and there will not be any “back door” (door open to possible intervention by the authorities) in the name of security. Continue reading “Whatsapp end-to-end encryption”

What’s Linux ?

linux_logoLinux, more precisely GNU/Linux is an operating system or a group of essential programs that makes a computer work and do something for us.It’s an alternative to Windows and MacOS and can replace them (or being booted from the same computer that has another OS.)

Generally talking,Linus is the first representative of the “free software” or better saying the software that is being distributed with a license that permits not only usage,but it permits editing,copying and analyzing Continue reading “What’s Linux ?”

Network Types Geographically


Networks are frequently classified according to the geographical boundaries the network spans. Two basic geographical designations for networks—local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN)—are the most common. A third designation, metropolitan area network (MAN), is also used, although its use has become clouded (because it might not be a clear-cut classification anymore) as networks continue connecting to the Internet. These three classifications, unlike the other methods used to describe networks, are based upon the specific levels of technology they use when going from one level to the other. The three geographical classifications are discussed because the geographical concepts and the increased emphasis they place on technology as you go from one level to the next still apply.

Continue reading “Network Types Geographically”