SSH Protocol


SSH (Secure shell ) is a UNIX based command line and protocol for remotely connecting to the machines in a secure way. Authentication process it is validated via a digital certificate from both sides.

Ssh can be used to connect from cross platform FTP like filezilla, winscp etc avoiding connecting In a non secure way via ftp, so in this way we can upload, download files from the web server without getting hacked.

Ssh secure the connection via symmetrical, asymmetrical encryption and hashing. Continue reading “SSH Protocol”

A new malware is spreading on Facebook via Google Chrome


Sources report the spread of a new malware via the Chrome and Facebook notifications system. What appears to be notified instead it leads to the infected file downloads

It’s not news that hackers and cyber-criminals they should direct their attention especially to the most popular services in order to hit as many people as possible, and on a few web services are the most famous Facebook. Zuckerberg’s social network allows for years to internet users to meet and share experiences and information, and that is why it has been taken repeatedly targeted by cyber criminals, especially scammer, often taking advantage of the naivety of the public writing. Continue reading “A new malware is spreading on Facebook via Google Chrome”

Kodi turns Raspberry Pi into a media center


The Kodi team known open source media center software, has the custom case for Raspberry Pi boards. A compact solution for creating a home media-center at a relatively low price.

Kodi is the open source software, formerly known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), which made it possible to transform the first Xbox console into a media center. The software was later developed and optimized for use on the Windows platform, OS X, Linux and via apps for iOS and Android. Until now, Kodi has represented a project focused mainly on the software, but the team decided to explore new horizons, presenting the official cases Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi. Continue reading “Kodi turns Raspberry Pi into a media center”

Dropbox: new productivity tools for the mobile, desktop and web


Dropbox adds productivity tools available to users who use the popular cloud storage service. News for interaction with Dropbox via desktop applications, mobile and site

Dropbox, the popular cloud storage service used by half a billion users according to the latest statistics provided by management, is enriched with new productivity tools targeted to users who access it through mobile app for Android and iOS, desktop applications for Windows platform and Mac and the website. Continue reading “Dropbox: new productivity tools for the mobile, desktop and web”