CryptXXX ransomware evolves, renders decryption tool useless


Started in mid-April, the massive campaign of the new ransomware CryptXXX distribution is not stopping. The files encrypted by ransomware, however, could be recovered with a tool made available by Kaspersky.

When he made an appearance, CryptXXX aroused some alarm in the sector. Two reasons: the use of a “strong” encryption system as RSA4096 and use, for its spread, the Angler Exploit Kit, the most advanced attack tool currently in circulation that allows cyber-criminals to attack potential victims through compromised websites. In some cases, moreover, the malware is installed as a sort of “add-on” of Bedep trojan. Continue reading “CryptXXX ransomware evolves, renders decryption tool useless”

Lenovo software has a major security risk

lenovo software center

The Lenovo Solution Center could be used to gain administrator privileges on your computer and install malware to the pc owner.

Pre-installed software? No thanks. The obsession of many manufacturers in providing proprietary software tools for the management and maintenance of the PC has not only consequence to corrupt the operating system, but in some cases, to put at risk the safety of the machine itself. Continue reading “Lenovo software has a major security risk”