400 million Android devices exposed to malware

android sec

Google has  improved the Android security, but there are still hundreds of millions of devices without updates and exposed to the danger of cyber attacks. Google can not do much to solve the problem, because producers should deal with it.

The report on Google’s 2016 emergency informs us that there are still 400 million Android devices exposed to security risks. Models with older versions of the software that no longer receive updates, or fixes to known vulnerabilities and resolved. The problem is still widespread but declining steadily. Continue reading “400 million Android devices exposed to malware”

iPhone 7s, farewell aluminum and welcome AMOLED screen

iphone 7We will have to wait at least until 2017 to see an iPhone with AMOLED screen. Will the iPhone 7s, which will also have a new design and based largely on the glass – at the expense of aluminum. IPhone 7 will meet instead the LCD IPS screen.

The iPhone 7 will not be aluminum but completely in glass and will have an AMOLED screen. To support this hypothesis is the company KGI analysts, in the person of attentive Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst takes similar analyzes already emerged in the past, supported among others by the recent drop in the price of Continue reading “iPhone 7s, farewell aluminum and welcome AMOLED screen”